Weekly Call to Action

Looking for a way to make your voice heard in the government? We’ve put together resources to make calling your congressperson easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Pick a Bill

Here is a list of bills that SPEAR is currently watching!

Bill Number* Bill Name Sponsored by Scheduled for Description
H.R. 589 Department of Energy Research and Innovation Act Rep. Lamar Smith Passed in House; In Senate Committee Review “H.R. 589 combines seven previously passed science bills to provide policy direction to the Department of Energy on basic science research, nuclear energy research and development, research coordination and a review of existing programs, and important reforms to streamline national laboratory management”
H.R. 861 To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency Rep. Matt Gaetz Assigned to House Committee on Feb 3, 2017 The bill contains the single sentence: “The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”
H.R. 1431 EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2017 Rep. Frank Lucas Passed in House; In Senate Committee Review “To amend the Environmental Research, Development, and Demonstration Authorization Act of 1978 to provide for Scientific Advisory Board member qualifications, public participation, and for other purposes.”

*H.R. designates a House bill; S. designates a Senate bill

Step 2: Dial the phone number

Check out these links to find contact information for your legislators.

Federal Government:


Senator John Isakson: (202) 224-3643
Senator David Perdue: (202) 224-3521
Representative Jody Hice: (202) 225-4101

State Government:


Step 3: Voice your opinion

Want a script for your phone call? Feel free to use ours!

“Hi, I’m a resident of (your city name) and I’m calling to ask (Congress person’s name) to (oppose/support bill name).”

Example: “Hi, I’m a resident of Athens, and I’m calling to ask Representative Hice to oppose H.R. 861.”

If you want to add a personal story or anything else you can, otherwise just thank the person and hang up! The call doesn’t have to be long, the point is to have your opinion tallied! If you get an answering machine, leave your name and address along with the message.

We will update this list every Monday with any proposed legislation related to science. Check in with us on Twitter with the hashtag #SPEARcall after you’ve made your call!




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